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Hip Musings

Where is my mind?

My Self-Hosted Platform

Why I choose to use Dokku as a flexible platform to host my personal projects.

25 Aug, 2022

Categories: dev, self-hosted

Components for Everyone

With the adoption of component-driven architecture in JS frameworks, how can server-side applications take advantage of a similar workflow in their native languages?

13 Sep, 2021

Categories: dev, components

How to read TypeScript errors

My strategy for reading and understanding verbose compiler output

8 Jun, 2021

Categories: dev, typescript, tip

Typed mocks for Jest

Combining TypeScript with mocks can be made better using jest-when

4 May, 2021

Categories: dev, typescript, jest, mock

Shipping Web Workers Simply

Relieve the pain of shipping web workers by packaging them up as tagged template strings

2 May, 2021

Categories: dev, worker, tip