An Early Easter Egg Hunt

One of the reasons I love Pixar and older Disney movies is the little Easter Egg, or hidden items, the creators place around their films. In most Pixar films you can find a clue to their next production, A113 in homage to a classroom at CalArts, the Luxo Ball, the easily-recognizable voice of John Ratzenberger, and, of course, the Pizza Planet truck. For the avid fans, these little items make the movie special and challenges the animators to place them inconspicuously throughout each film (except for John; there's nothing inconspicuous about that voice).

Many great site and app creators like to take part in this fun as well by hiding neat keyboard tricks, special pages, or references in the mix of their products. If you're a fan of the popular iOS/Mac Twitter client, Tweetbot, then you remember the super secret settings page located in the iOS app a few versions back. Things like this enhance the user interest and provide a better appreciation for work done by the developer/designer/whomever.

So, after struck with inspiration for a fun addition to my site, I created my own little Easter Egg page. It is live now and just waiting for you to find it. If you need a clue or just have some feedback, feel free to mention me on Twitter (it's the little bird icon at the bottom) or shoot me an email from the contact page.

Happy Hunting!