Where is my mind?

An Open Discussion About People

Some takeaways from a brief but thorough discussion with Ben Callahan

04 November 2014

Categories: real-talk, people, process

Elevatr - A Better ScrollTo Plugin

Trying my hand at creating my first JavaScript plugin to solve a simple problem.

28 October 2014

Categories: external, javascript, development, codepen

The Convenience Product (Problem?)

An look at tech items of convenience and how they evolve over time.

09 September 2014

Categories: real-talk, business, products

The Other Side of Empathy

Why we should be able to have nice things.

05 July 2014

Categories: external, real-talk, pastry-box-project

The Creativity Commitment

In a world where constant consumption is so easy, it is important to carve out some time each week for personal creation.

20 June 2014

Categories: about-me, real-talk, lessons