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Hip Musings

Where is my mind?

Using esbuild with 11ty

While looking to upgrade my site's asset pipeline, I ended up on esbuild as my solution with just a little bit of integration code.

30 Mar, 2021

Categories: dev, 11ty

Wrangle complexity with finite-state reducers

UI state can start out fairly simple, but quickly spiral out of control. How do you know when to reach for a more maintainable pattern?

23 Mar, 2021

Categories: dev, code, state machines, react

Simple Slot API for React

One of my favorite features of Web Components is the `slot`, so I've replicated it in React to make more composable components.

16 Mar, 2021

Categories: dev, react

Creating React Context types with generics

Have you ever tried to produce React Context that used TypeScript generics? It can be a little tricky to get right, so here my working solution.

11 Mar, 2021

Categories: dev, code, typescript, react

An Open Discussion About People

Some takeaways from a brief but thorough discussion with Ben Callahan

4 Nov, 2014

Categories: real-talk, people, process