Hello World

Well, here goes nothing. Hello World.

About 2 months of planning, design, and development are temporarily finished as the v1.0-ish of HipsterBrown.com is live and ready to go. It has been almost a year since I created my first personal site, and since then I have learned a lot more in the ways of layouts, colors, icons, and front-end development in general. I hope to keep this design a bit longer than the last one but an avid web worker's site is never really done.

Along with my Bio/Resume (which was the only content on the first site), I have included some of the design and web projects I have worked on over the past year, this awesome blog powered by Anchor, and a simple contact form for getting in touch with me. Every page will continue to be improved upon and grow as more content is added.

This was a great learning experience for me in project management, as I handled everything from start to finish, and showed me some of my weaker areas that I will pursue improvement upon. This blog will serve as a voice to share what I learn as I continue on my quest towards becoming a great front-end developer and designer. I have many other project ideas in the works, a few of which I hope to see into fruition during this summer, but I will always return to this site to make sure it is the best reflection of my work as possible.

Keeping it classy,