I feel strangely ironic today.


Hello and welcome from Nick Hehr, aka HipsterBrown. As an admitted hipster and jack of web trades, I enjoy keeping up with the latest design and development trends that make the web a more beautiful and usable place.

My favorite tools for most of my projects are Sass combined with the Thoughbot trifecta of Bourbon, Neat, and Bitters for a solid CSS architecture, JavaScript to give the project some dynamic life, Sketch by Bohemian Coding to design beautiful icons and mockups with the power to export my CSS stylings, Vim as my primary text editor, and a few other tools in the mix to keep my workflow smooth.

When I'm not jotting down a new project idea in my MoleSkine or behind my computer trying to implement it, I can usually be found riding my bike, bouldering, exploring the city, or attending local design & development meetups.

Please explore my site freely and with an open mind, from resources for studying Empathy to some old examples of my work in Projects. The occasional thought or topic that can't fit in 140 characters can be found in my Musings blog, and don't forget to Connect with a quick hello message.

Thanks for stopping by.